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Date: Saturday, 27th August 2016
Time: 11:30 AM
Venue: BMS College of Engineering, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Speaker: T V Balasubramanyam
Duration: 120 minutes (Including Q&A)
Of all the common measurements that we see in Industrial Process Controls, Flow measurement is the most critical, complex & expensive. On a visit to any process plant, more often than not, we would come across at least one flow meter that is defunct or given up for not being usable or reliable. The reasons can range from complete misunderstanding of the process to an application challenge that no product on the market can yet meet.

This presentation is an attempt to take you through the trials and tribulations experienced firsthand by TV Bala, in his many years, as a user, start-up engineer, a sales person, a marketer and a trainer in Flow Measurement. Bala is an enthusiastic proponent of the power of Storytelling for knowledge sharing and uses that technique in this seminar.

Mr. T V Balasubramanyam assists, in designing & implementing Competence Development Programs in medium to large organisations employing professionals. He has built and led many teams in sales, marketing, product management, project management, service and training. Bala has many years of domestic and international business experience, and is the Principal Consultant at Q-Metrics. He has a Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering from Mysore University and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Singapore Institute of Management. He can be contacted at