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TechTalk Series – Talk 6

Part A – “Building Automation Systems and the role of Building Automation Systems Division (BASDIV) of ISA”

Part B – “Why is Growth strategy Important for small and medium business units?” 

Speaker: Mr. Rathan Bala

Date: 18-January-2020, Saturday

Registration: 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30PM

Venue: The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

Registration: This is a free technical talk, however, since seats are limited, registration in advance is a must. Kindly register by furnishing your and your organisation name, email id and mobile number through e-mail admin@isabangalore.org.in (phone – +919844900930) & CC to rchandrashekar09@gmail.com

Abstract: Building Automation Systems (BAS) is a distributed control system to monitor & control various building services facilitating building operation and maintenance. This also provides user level visualization, remote monitoring & control and MIS data. These systems may be deployed in industrial infrastructures such as factories, in enterprise buildings. malls, residential communities etc.Apart from HVAC, water, waste management, IT infrastructure etc. they are often connected to security systems like access control, CCTV, intrusion systems etc. The current technology of building automation systems far exceeds what we have seen in the past with the introduction of latest technologies like IoT, Cloud,Artificial Intelligence etc.Mr. Rathan Bala will talk about growing demand for energy efficient systems and demand to address security concerns and disaster management have played key role in boosting the market growth of BAS which is currently one of the strong contenders for high growth application-technology verticals. To get all the desired functionality in a complex infrastructure, multiple technologies are required with interfaces to the BAS system. The integration of distinct technologies makes BAS somewhat complex. As per statistics 40% of world‘s energy consumption is in buildings and a stunning 50% of this can be saved by optimising the energy consumption. Building Automation Market is estimated to reach $67.1billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2015 to 2022., The purpose of BASDIV (Building Automation Systems Division) of ISA is to be a home for building automation professionals within the larger automation society and to create networking platform of professionals connected with this vertical. BASDIV will be strategically positioning to peers as a source of certification and education, increase professional competency, standards to review, and write Recommended Practice Advisories. The author will discuss overall technology of Building Automation systems, current trends and future growth potential. The author will also discuss the role of Building Automation Systems Division in ISA including current & future plans of BAS Division.
In Part B of his talk, he will talk about the fact that, small and medium business owners do not give “growth strategy “ due importance. He poses a different question to small business owners regarding the value of one’s business, if one decides to sell today or add additional partners? From his experience most of the small and medium business owners have not thought about it seriously or they think it is matter for financial experts to workout .
The reality is, many business owners are not aware that the business value is not numerical calculation by business accountant, but this is result of continuous growth strategy implementation by the management. The business value keeps changing over time and many factors contribute to this.
Some of the factors which influence the business value are customer engagement, customer loyalty, market potential, market share, Risk analysis, past earnings, assets / patents owned, future earning potential etc.
The past earnings in business is no guarantee that the future earnings can be extrapolated by arithmetic modelling except in very rare cases (and that too with many assumptions)There are four important perceptions of the business which requires regular monitoring and improvement to maximise the business value. They are Customer engagement, Business process, Trained manpower and Business financial ratios .A business tool popularly known as Balanced Score Card can be used to keep track of all these perceptions. Balanced score card is quite complicated, and its implementation requires intense business experience and knowledge. The growth strategy and normal business strategy are different. A BUSINESS UNIT WITHOUT A GROWTH STRATEGY IS LIKE A VEHICLE MOVING WITHOUT KNOWING THE DESTINATION.

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