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Extracting Value from Data- Reaping the Tangible Benefits of (I)IOT

Natural consequence of (Industrial) Internet of Things (I)IOT is the generation of large quantities of data, transmission, archival and finally extraction of actionable information. Benefits of (I)OT will result only on effective implementation of the last component- data processing to generate real value using analytics, machine learning, etc. This field of data analytics to generate real value is at the cusp of exponential growth in all fields.

India has more than fair share of successful data analytics and machine learning organizations and experts. ISA Bangalore Section has organized a thematic tech talk series to showcase success stories and case studies highlighting use of data manipulation and processing to bring value to the end users.

The Data Analytics TechTalk Series will have 6-8 sessions by experts in the field discussing the application of advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. in varied fields of energy, health care, oil and gas, retail, etc.

TechTalk Series – Schedule

Date Speaker Company Topic
22-Jul-2017 Derick Jose Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics AI & IIoT in Energy Industry -Practical real-life examples and lessons learnt
2-Sep-2017 Dr Praphul Chandra Insofe Blockchain: Distributed Data; Distributed Trust
16-Sep-2017 Dr Rakesh Mullick GE Global Research Centre Digital Twins in Healthcare: Enabling Continuous Deep Learning Models for Clinical Outcomes
28-Oct-2017 Dr Babu Narayanan GE Global Research Centre To be confirmed
18-Nov-2017 Dr Ravi Prakash Infosys To be confirmed

Topic: Blockchain: Distributed Data; Distributed Trust.

Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2017

Time:  1530 to 1600 hrs. –  Registration

              1600 to 1730 hrs. – TechTalk

              1730 to 1800 hrs – Networking Hi Tea

Venue: Hotel Chancery, Lavelle Road, NearCubbon Park, Bangalore.
                (Entry from St. Marks Church side – MG Road. 2nd building on right)

Register: Register for this techTalk


The Internet of Value. The Future of Money. The Trust Machine. A Universal Computer. Blockchain has been called many things by many people. It is a little like the fable of five blind men and the elephant. Perhaps no one really understands what all blockchain is and yet there is an excitement about the possibilities that it opens up. To some, it is reminiscent of the early days of the world wide web with grand visions of how it can change the world.

This talk will seek to give a brief overview of blockchains. The first application of blockchains was the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Even though bitcoin is remarkable in what it has achieved, it is the underlying blockchain technology that has potential applications beyond currency. The most ambitious applications are about re-imagining today’s social institutions. 

At its heart, what blockchain achieves is decentralized trust. Using some very innovative application of cryptography and distributed computing, it allows nodes in a peer to peer network to achieve a consensus. In monetary applications, this consensus is about the transactions that have taken place and are recorded in a distributed ledger. Placed in the larger social context however, money itself is just a tool in an accounting system of trust and reputation – the two pillars of modern social life. Thus, what blockchain enables is the opportunity to re-engineer social institutions. 

We are however, only at the beginning of this journey. Blockchain, as a technology presents both opportunity and challenges. For example, one of the key challenges is of being able to scale blockchain technology; another one is to prevent misuse by antisocial elements. But the opportunities far outweigh the challenges and the applications are limited only by one’s imagination. And finally, lets not forget the huge data set that blockchains make publicly available….

Use this opportunity to get an heads up on the latest technology that will eventually find its way into (I)IOT applications… 

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Praphul Chandra is a professor of data science and machine learning at the International School of Engineering (Insofe) in Bangalore. He is also the founder of a stealth mode startup named koinearth which is working at the intersection of Mechanism Design, Blockchains and Machine Learning. Prior to this, he was Principal Data Scientist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where his focus was on the application of machine learning techniques to solve real world problems across multiple domains like the Internet of Things, Taxation Fraud, Telecom and Social Network Analytics. His other industry experience includes positions at HP Labs and Texas Instruments. He has an undergraduate degree in Electronics engineering from IIT BHU, a post graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, NY, a post graduate diploma in public policy from University of London and a PhD in Game Theory & Mechanism Design from the Indian Institute of Science. 


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