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Extracting Value from Data- Reaping the Tangible Benefits of (I)IOT

Natural consequence of (Industrial) Internet of Things (I)IOT is the generation of large quantities of data, transmission, archival and finally extraction of actionable information. Benefits of (I)OT will result only on effective implementation of the last component- data processing to generate real value using analytics, machine learning, etc. This field of data analytics to generate real value is at the cusp of exponential growth in all fields.

India has more than fair share of successful data analytics and machine learning organizations and experts. ISA Bangalore Section has organized a thematic tech talk series to showcase success stories and case studies highlighting use of data manipulation and processing to bring value to the end users.

The Data Analytics TechTalk Series will have 6-8 sessions by experts in the field discussing the application of advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. in varied fields of energy, health care, oil and gas, retail, etc.



Topic: Digital Twins in Healthcare – Enabling Continuous Deep Learning Models for Clinical Outcomes

Date: Saturday, 16th September 2017

Time:  1530 to 1600 hrs. –  Registration

              1600 to 1730 hrs. – TechTalk

Venue: BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Register: Register for this techTalk


As Digital Twin technology makes inroads into the product and service roadmaps of leading industries and their enterprise solutions across the globe, the role of Digital Twin technology in the Healthcare ecosystem is explored as part of this talk. The presenter will introduce the concept of twins and its imperatives from an industry perspective. An attempt to map this evolving technology to the patient care pathway will be articulated followed by an exposition of the role of continuous learning and related challenges while keeping in view the focus on clinical outcomes. An interactive session collectively exploring the “internet of twins (io2)” with the participants would be insightful. 

Speaker Bio:

Rakesh Mullick is the Chief Scientist, GE Global Research, Bangalore. His areas of interest are healthcare analytics with a strong focus on multi-modality medical image analytics, visualization, quantitative imaging, registration/fusion, image-guided minimally invasive interventions, and novel interfaces. Current areas of research are in (1) neuro-image analytics for biomarker discovery and understanding disease progression, (2) architecting platforms for delivery of analytics, workflow acceleration, and learning frameworks, and (3) sustainable healthcare solutions. Rakesh received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Rochester (1988( and his PhD in field of Medical Imaging from Georgia Institute of Technology (1994). He has been with GE Research since 2000, before which he was a Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (1999-2000) and a Senior Scientist at Center for Information Enhanced Medicine (CieMed), a joint research collaboration between National University of Singapore, Johns Hopkins, NIH and Intel (1994-1999). Rakesh has filed 40 patents and co-authored 100+ journal and conference papers.

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