Tech Talks


26th Sept, 2015   Mr.Ramdas Chandrashekhar, AdvanTrak
29th Aug, 2015 Convergence of IT and OT P VijayaMurugan, Schneider Electric
27th May, 2015 Understanding the Self Mr.BM RenukaPrasad, MentorWise Advisors
14th Feb., 2015 Positive approach to life situations Ms.Lalita Varanasi, Founder 3rd Eye Insight & Life transformation coach
Dec, 2014 Challenges faced by system integrators MR. Rajesh Rathi, Control InfoTech
29th Nov, 2014 Computerised control of trains Mr.AS Shankar , Chief Engineer (Signals & Telecom) BMRCL
23rd Aug, 2014 Report of findings on the Power grid failure in North and East India in 2012 Mr.V.Ramakrishna, ex-Member CEA & Bapuji S Palki,Member CIGRE, ex-ABB
9th Aug, 2014 Energy conservation at home Mr. Binoy Kamath, P&F
2nd Aug, 2014 Reliability & quality of spacecraft systems Mr. K M Bharadwaj, Senior Scientist ISRO Satellite centre
23rd Nov, 2013 Indian Aeronautics – Today & Tomorrow Dr. Tamilmani, Director General (Aero) – ADA, Etc. Ministry of Defence
28th Sept, 2013 ISA-106 – Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Industries Mr. Satishkumar Balasubramanian, Domain Specialist, Yokogawa IA Technologies, Bangalore
31st Aug, 2013 FDI – Field Device Integration – Contemporary Trends Mr. Prasanjeet Padhy, Senior Domain Engineer, R&D – ABB
27th July, 2013 Cyber security in IACS Mr. Akilur Rehman, Global Head , Cyber security – ABB
3rd July, 2013 HART – The Premier Tool for Asset Management Mr. Arasu Thanigai, Business Development Manager, Pepperl + Fuchs Pte Ltd., Singapore
4th May, 2013 Cyber Physical systems – Challenges from Control and Optimization perspective Dr. Venkateswarlu Andra, GE Global Research
30th Mar, 2013 Energy harvesting – Fundamentals to Industry Application Mr. J P Dinesh , Technical Product Manager , ABB – R&D
22nd Dec, 2012 Mathematical Modelling for Energy, Material & Equipment – A Journey into the Past Future Dr. Prabhakar Sastry of GGK Systems, Bangalore
1st Dec, 2012 Integrate your field smartly – Standards and Technologies Mr. Prasanna Inamdar Sr. VP, Utthunga Technologies
29th Sept, 2012 Earth Observation Satellites and their Controls – A Brief Overview Dr. D. L. Shirolikar, CEO, Indian Remote Sensing and Small Satellite Systems, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore,
1st Sept, 2012 Introduction to Electrical Equipments & Instrumentation in Hazardous (Classified) Location Mr. M. Sukumaran & Dr. Michael Lupic – Pepperl + Fuchs
21st July, 2012 Automation, Robotics and Remote Handling Technology in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. Mr. KV Kasiviswanathan, Rajaramanna Fellow – Indira Gandhi Centre for Automatic Research (IGCAR)
21st Apr, 2012 Cellular Technology for remote monitoring Mr Arun R, & Mr Ananda GV, Vasundhara ProSys Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
25th Feb, 2012 Integration-Online Diagnostics Mr Ramesh BK, Dearborn Electronics, Mr Mouleswara Reddy, Flowserve and Ms. Abeda, Honeywell
28th Jan, 2012 Information Technology and Automation Greater Than The Sum of Two Dr Sudhir Dixit, Director, Hewlett Packard Labs, India
16th Oct, 2011 Control Challenges in LCA Development Dr Girish Deodhare, Scientist ‘F’ IFCS, ADA, Bangalore
20th Aug, 2011 Automation Concepts in efficient running of the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) Mr Daniel Bircher, Director- Operations and Mr Francis Rajan Premkumar, VP-ICT.